Want your salsa dancing Skills to be
Smooth and CONFIDENT?
The 30 Day Salsa Challenge
  • For men AND women
  • For "On 1" AND "On 2" dancers
It's all about
Build the skills that 95% of people on the salsa floor are missing to make any partner LOVE dancing with you.
Smoothy, sexy dancing, chemistry, connection, cool patterns and everything else you want on the dance floor are fueled by proper fundamentals
Proper fundamentals are fueled by a guided, structured, consistent practice habit AT HOME. That missing piece is now solved with the 30 Day Salsa Challenge.
Reduce years into days
and save thou$ands of dollars
Why do students keep repeating the same mistakes in classes?
Through teaching over 1,000 students in local programs, Danny (your 30 Day Salsa Challenge coach), realized that something more was needed. He was giving the same feedback again and again. Students kept repeating the same mistakes. 

The students were then encouraged to practice on their own at least once per week (outside of social dancing at a club). The practice helped, but usually still wasn't enough
Then, with his private students, Danny started giving specific instructions on exactly what to practice and how long to practice it. Instead of new patterns, he had them practice skills, because once the fundamentals are strong, EVERYTHING becomes smooth, sexy, and easy

For accountability he asked students to text him daily after their homework. The students who consistently drilled BETWEEN classes with the skills he gave them did EXPONENTIALLY BETTER on the dance floor.  

This experience was the birth of the concept for the 30 Day Salsa Challenge.  
What happens between classes is the key.
Countless students go to group classes week after week, month after month, year after year, with MINIMAL progress

They learn cool new patterns, but the execution on the dance floor is sloppy. 

The cycle repeats. Sometimes up to hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars are wasted. 
It's not their fault though! They just haven't had access to the right training to clean the fundamentals. 
The 30 Day Salsa Challenge is the golden ticket. 
The 30 Day Challenge will make ALL of your salsa dancing better. Forever. Guaranteed. After the challenge you will even learn more from your local classes.  

It's not just about practicing a lot. It's about practicing smart!
Warning: Side Effects of Upping
Your Salsa Game
  • ​Unstoppable confidence
  • ​Amplified enjoyment for BOTH parties in every dance
  • ​Crystal clean connection and deep chemistry with every partner
  • Being asked for multiple dances
  • Uncontrollable smiling by your partner
  • Girls (or guys) showing up at the night club just because they know you're going
  • ​Better job performance (just kidding. Although, maybe not...)
  • ​Possible complaining about other people's connections (remember to be nice!)
How Do You Feel
About Your Salsa Dancing Right Now?
Check any boxes that sometimes apply to you
Letting down your dance partners?
Feel like most people at the salsa club are better at dancing than you?
Forget new material shortly after you learn it?
Hard to fit in on the dance floor?
Hard to stand out on the dance floor (in a good way)?
Trouble keeping the timing?
Not leading moves well?
Not following moves well?
Forget things as soon as you enter the dance floor?
Afraid to ask certain people to dance?
Afraid that people are judging you on the dance floor?
Something is missing from your dancing but not sure what it is?
Did you know?
95% of People on the Salsa Floor
Actually have Sloppy Connection
How could this be true?
Common reasons:
  • Dancing without classes
  • Taking intermediate/advanced classes too quickly without solid fundamentals
  • Taking drop-in classes with no progressive foundations
  • Taking structured programs but not given the right details
  • Given some of the right details but never did proper drilling to get the movements into muscle memory
the Good News
You're going to learn all the proper fundamentals AND drill them into your muscle memory with a program that doesn't exist anywhere else. 

You'll develop amazing dance chemistry with any partner using details that others don't even know they're missing!
  • ♂ CRYSTAL CLEAR LEAD to delight her 
  •  ♀ RELAXED FOLLOW to let him lead you easily and have amazing CHEMISTRY.
  •  MASSIVE CONFIDENCE that carries into ALL facets of life.
  •  Ability to FIT IN on the dance floor or, when you want, to STAND OUT!
  • PROPER FOUNDATIONS that 95% of people on the dance floor (including experienced dancers) are missing.
  •  Ability to become the MAGNET that attracts other dancers on the floor.

     SUPER POWER SELF AWARENESS and foundational skills IN YOUR MUSCLE MEMORY that enable you to LEARN MORE than any other student in your future local classes
It's not for
everyone though!
Who this is NOT for:
  • First time salsa dancers (learn here instead)
  • ​People who don't want to improve 
  • ​People who aren't willing to dedicate a little time to upping their dance game
  • ​People not willing to invest a little money in themselves
  • ​People who think they can develop these skills anywhere else, such as YouTube or their local dance classes. (We address the topic in the next section 👇) 
"Can I Really Learn Dance From Videos?"
"Can I Really Learn Dance From Videos?"
Two Main Reasons:
First, SELF AWARENESS is typically the number one issue in the way of progress. 

In local classes, Danny (your coach/instructor) sees this every week. He'll lead a movement, tell the class to "freeze," and notice two things:

1. Many students' body positions don't match his

2. They don't realize their body positions don't match

He'll correct them, but the correction only lasts briefly. They quickly revert to not being aware of their movements. 

Awareness of the body in space is called "proprioception." 

Proprioception is MANDATORY for your dance progress. Learning with videos will force you to develop this skill and the results will amaze you. 

Your skills will develop tremendously during the 30 Day Salsa Challenge AND you'll learn better and faster in local classes. 
Second, a  home based practice habit is mandatory for leveling up!

Going to salsa class and not practicing at home is like going to school and not doing any homework then wondering why you didn't get an "A" grade. 

What happens BETWEEN classes makes the difference!

The 30 Day Salsa Challenge gives you the structure, repetition, and support for practicing at home that's not even possible in private lessons or local classes!

This is the missing piece for leveling up your salsa skills!
Other benefits of videos as part of your training:

  • Drilling of details that instructors CAN'T give enough time to in group classes (because most people just want new patterns)
  • Learning privately without other students watching
  • Learn any time on your schedule
  • Saving time from home without needing to go anywhere
  • Building a habit to practice, practice, practice!

In Fact, You NEED to
Learn From Videos
Two Main Reasons:
First, SELF AWARENESS is the number one issue in the way of your progress.

In local classes, Danny (your coach/instructor) sees this every week. He'll lead a movement, tell the class to "freeze," look around, and notice two things:

1. Many student's body positions don't match his

2. They don't realize that their body positions don't match his

Awareness of the body in space is called "proprioception." 
The ability to quickly evaluate the little details of where your body is in space is MANDATORY for your dance progress now AND in all local classes you take in the future. Learning with videos will force you to develop this skill and the results will amaze you. 
Second, you need a home based practice regimen!

You're about to get:

structure, repetition, and support for practicing at home that's not even possible in private lessons or local classes!

Home based guided practice is a major missing piece of your dancing success!
STOP spending money on local classes that aren't hitting the points that are most important for YOU

STOP taking the time to commute to classes and instead learn efficiently from home
"Can't I Learn This Elsewhere?"
1. YouTube or other videos: Good luck. The structure, details, progression, drilling, full length classes, use of props at home, summaries, quizzes, Q&A, private community, and hand holding simply don't exist elsewhere. 

2. Local drop-in classes: As instructors, our challenge is that we must adjust for the masses. Most people just want new patterns so they can feel accomplished. The reality is, however, that most people need the OPPOSITE. Dancers need to return to fundamentals in order to make their fancy patterns (leading or following) actually work well. 

3. Local structured programs: You're moving in the right direction, but there are still some hurdles: 
1. Many instructors are not aware of all the right details  

2. For instructors who are aware and running structured programs,  we have tremendous respect for them.
There's still a challenge though — again,  most students just want more patterns.  While we might be able to correct people once or twice  on the fundamental details, we're still not able to spend the time that those details deserve.

This is even true for Danny in his local programs!

Students MUST develop a guided practice habit at home and the 30 Day Salsa Challenge solves that issue. 
4. Private lessons: If your instructor is experienced, these are often a fantastic route. Qualified instructors are costly though.  For example, Danny charges $100 / 45 minutes. Even with private lessons,  you STILL need a guided, structured practice regimen at home between lessons. 
STOP spending money on local classes that aren't hitting the points that are most important for YOU

STOP taking the time to commute to classes and instead learn efficiently from home
It’s like private lessons...
but with a house call, more structure,
& less money
Private lessons with Danny are $100 per 45 minutes - but even his private students
need to do their homework between sessions!
"This is EVEN MORE than what I'm able to do in private lessons."
Your instructor & guide, who you may have seen on social media or at an event, is Danny Kalman.

Struggling to figure out what was missing from his dancing,
Danny spent 13 years and over $20,000 learning from professionals and champions all over the world. He then trained over 1,000 students in his local programs.

Danny noticed that even his upper level local students mostly needed to go back and fix their fundamental skills. Although they'd learned these skills in class with Danny many times, it's usually not enough. He had to find the solution. 

Danny has now gathered the pieces that ALMOST ALL salsa dancers in training need to work on; and packaged them for you into this home based training program like nothing that has ever existed.

Home training with this guidance is the missing piece that will completely transform the dancing of virtually any salsa dance student.
  • Trusted by celebrities such as Jennifer Grey, Clark Gregg, Ajay Rochester, Susannah Grant, Joe Lewis, and Yara Martinez.
  • Trusted by Google's LA Headquarters to pioneer their salsa (& bachata) programs!
  •  Trusted by Equinox Sports Club to pioneer their salsa programs!
  • ​Partner to dancers such as 20x World Champion Liz Lira
  • ​Cofounder & co-director of one of Los Angeles' largest & fastest growing salsa (& bachata) academies, Movers & Shakers Dance
  • Trained in ballet, hip-hop, jazz, tango, various African dances, afro-cuban rumba, and latin ballroom
  • Performed bachata, salsa on 1 (LA style), salsa on 2 (New York style / mambo), Colombian salsa, Casino Rueda (cuban style salsa)
  • Won competitions in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Jerusalem and been top 5 in LA's Top Social Dancer Competition and top 3 at the World Latin Dance Cup
  • Social danced THOUSANDS of times while living and training in Oregon, Jerusalem, Tokyo & Los Angeles and traveling to many more countries such as Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and beyond.
"Dirty Dancing" lead actress (Baby) & "Dancing With The Stars" champion, 
Jennifer Grey, and celebrity husband,
 Clark Gregg, learning with Danny
"I have no partner yet..."
That's fine!
Ultimately, yes, you'll want to have a partner for the 30-Day Challenge. We've got you covered:

1. Many lessons will be completed solo

2. As part of your registration, you'll receive the "Finding a Partner Guide and Mission" and second membership FREE for your partner. You WILL get a partner and the 30 Day Challenge is the perfect opportunity to make that happen. 

Interesting weird fact: When Danny tells strangers he dances salsa the reaction is almost always the same: "Wow, I've always wanted to learn salsa!"

Still not sure if the 30 day salsa
challenge will help you?
Take This 60-Second Quiz
(This quiz is technical. If you already see the value of the 30 day salsa challenge, you can skip this.)
Don't worry, you'll be able to do these things in the future and they'll turn you into a salsa rockstar. 

If You Checked ANY Of The Boxes Above, Then I Want To Invite You To Join The 30 Day Salsa Challenge And Change Your Dancing Forever! 
The 30 Day Salsa Challenge
For salsa dancers with experience
When you’re having euphoric experiences on the dance floor, remember to still smile and dance with the people who haven’t mastered these concepts yet! 
Core curriculum daily trainings
New training videos EVERY DAY to be completed from home or a studio. Trainings are full length sessions and you will DANCE ALONG WITH DANNY. He will lead you through demonstrations, break downs, repetition and DRILLS so that you develop a training habit at home and get the material in your muscle memory. You'll also use items around your home as props. 

Some lessons do require a partner and some do not. If your partner is not with you every day, don't worry. You'll have EXTRA TIME at the end to catch up together. 

The 30-Day Challenge will teach you TOTAL self awareness of your movements: you'll learn here, AND in future local classes be able to correct yourself, absorb more material, and learn faster and better.
written summaries
Use these for reminders of important points and quick reference to the videos. 
Weekly quizzes
To help make sure you're learning!
24/7 question submission
Danny is ready to answer all your dance questions!
Private facebook group
Your community and support group to help you stay on track and to communicate with Danny.
getting a partner guide & mission
You WILL be able to get a partner for this challenge. We're here to help. 
Learning strategies PDF & Audio for car
If you register ahead of time, you will get the 30-Day Challenge Summary Bundle that includes 8 audio CD's, and a booklet.  You can use these to review any time, and any place!
Instant Confidence Guide
Learn to exude confidence on, and off the dance floor. 
👉 2x 👈
2nd membership free!
For your practice partner! (Must be local)
Register here
To Join The
30-day Dance chemistry salsa challenge!!!
Registration open NOW. 
In exchange for that tiny $197 investment,
Here’s Everything you'll get...
WHEN YOU join THE 30-DAY Dance Chemistry Salsa CHALLENGE!
Your registration includes:
  • ​Core Curriculum Daily Video Trainings  ($600 Value)
  • Written Summaries ($150 Value)
    • ​Weekly Quizzes ($99 Value)
    • 24/7 Question Submission  ($199 Value)
    • ​Private Facebook Group ($149 Value)
    • ​Getting Partner Guide and Missions ($19 Value)
    • Second membership FREE for your partner (Everything Above x2)
    • Money Back Guarantee
    Total Value: $2,432
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    Step 3: Also want this training?

    One Time Offer - Only $19.99: People always ask: “How can I be more confident when social dancing?” The first step is working on your dancing itself. You’re already about to do that, so congratulations. The other piece of it is proper preparation before you go out for a night of social dancing and your PSYCHOLOGY at the social event. This topic is close to Danny’s heart and he’s worked on it in himself for over 15 years in ALL aspects of life. Get a video training, written notes and missions for both boosting your confidence instantly and gradually over time.

     Money Back Guarantee
    Just try it, and if you don't absolutely love it in the first 3 days of the challenge, let us know and we'll provide a refund. 
    Imagine being that guy, or girl, that everybody
    craves dancing with...
    Make dancing look seamless and effortless, and fit in on the dance floor. Or, if you'd like, STAND OUT!

    Exceed everyone's expectations — including your own, and renew or amplify your passion for dance

    Reduce years of training into days and save thousands of dollars while quickly bringing your dancing to UNIMAGINABLE heights

    Ricardo Sanchez

    Los Angeles, California
    "Danny is an incredible instructor and I can't imagine learning from anyone else. This is my first time taking a dance class and I already feel much more comfortable dancing in a social setting and I can't wait to learn more! If you're on the fence, JUST DO IT! You are going to have a blast and learn an awesome new skill that will serve you for the rest of your life."

    Maria Boldfree

    Chicago, Illinois
    "Danny is by far the best teachers around. He is able to break it down and teach step by step in a fun and motivating manner. Like with anything else, it's one thing to know how to do something, and a whole other skill to teach others. He is an extremely talented teacher!

    Their program is well thought out and detailed - so different from other classes. On top of it, he is a beautiful person with an even more beautiful heart. I am very grateful to have found him. I have been wanting to learn how to salsa dance for years and I am finally doing it! Thank you so much."
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