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Gain MASSIVE CONFIDENCE on the salsa floor by learning it right the first time, without local classes, even if you have "two left feet"
You're just a few movements away...

How to rapidly build MASSIVE CONFIDENCE and DELIGHT any dancer on the salsa floor, without any more classes, using material you ALREADY KNOW.

Did you know? 
90% of People on the Salsa Floor Actually have Sloppy Connection
How could this be true?
They either:
  • ​Are trying to dance without classes.
  • ​Took drop-in classes with no progressive foundations.
  • ​Took structured programs but weren't given the details, or never had proper drilling, to get the movements into muscle memory.
Here's the Good News
You're going to learn salsa right the first time and have the inside edge with details that others don't even know they're missing!
You really have secrets? 
Why is this program so special?
YES! Danny spent 13 years and over $20,000 learning from professionals and champions all over the world struggling to figure out what was missing from his dancing. He's now pieced together the common threads and packaged it here so that you don't have to go through what he went through.
What You'll Develop
  • ♂ CRYSTAL CLEAR LEAD to delight her 
  •  ♀ RELAXATION in the right places to be responsive to his lead, enable him to lead you into anything, and have amazing CHEMISTRY.
  •  MASSIVE CONFIDENCE that carries into ALL facets of life.
  •  Ability to FIT IN on the dance floor or, when you want, to STAND OUT!
  • INSIDER KNOWLEDGE and execution of the fine details and the proper foundations step by step, from A to Z, that 90% of people on the dance floor (including experienced dancers) are missing.
  •  Ability to become the MAGNET that attracts other people to the club.
Dance Chemistry Ultimate Salsa Foundations
Your Instructors: Danny Kalman & Aileen Rose
How We'll Get You There
Dance Chemistry Ultimate Salsa Foundations Preview
  •  Video lessons with properly structured progression: EVERYTHING you need is covered, in order, from A to Z. 
  • Sharing the secrets Danny has learned over 13 years and $20,000 worth of training
  • Drilling to help you ACTUALLY get movements into muscle memory. This is SO, SO, SO important and will separate you from everybody else.
  • Schedule to keep you on track. 
  • Learning from HOME without any commuting to save time.
  • Coming soon: quizzes to check your knowledge.
Can I Really Learn Dance From Videos Though?
Yes! In fact, you're about to get structure, repetition, and support for practicing at home that's not even possible in local classes! THIS IS A MAJOR MISSING PIECE for your dancing success!
STOP spending money on local classes that aren't hitting the points that are most important for YOU

STOP taking the time to commute to classes and instead learn efficiently from home
It’s like private lessons...
but with a house call, more structure, & less money
Private lessons with Danny are $100 per 45 minutes - but he doesn't meet daily and doesn't do house calls!
Dance Chemistry Danny Kalman Portrait
"This is EXACTLY what I do with most students in private lessons."
- Danny Kalman (your instructor & guide)
Who's My Instructor?
Your instructor & guide, who you may have seen on social media, is Danny Kalman. 

Struggling to figure out what was missing from his dancing, Danny spent 13 years and over $20,000 learning from professionals and champions all over the world. He's now pieced together the common threads and packaged them for you.

Nothing else like this program exists on earth. 
Danny has come to the forefront of latin dance education.
  • Trusted by celebrities such as Jennifer Grey, Clark Gregg, Ajay Rochester, Susannah Grant, Joe Lewis, and Yara Martinez.
  • Trusted by Google's LA Headquarters to pioneer their salsa (& bachata) programs!
  •  Trusted by Equinox Sports Club to pioneer their salsa programs!
  • ​Partner to dancers such as 20x World Champion Liz Lira
  • ​Cofounder & co-director of one of Los Angeles' largest & fastest growing dance schools, Movers & Shakers Salsa and Bachata Dance Academy
  • Trained in ballet, hip-hop, jazz, tango, various African dances, afro-cuban rumba, and latin ballroom
  • Performed bachata, salsa on 1 (LA style), salsa on 2 (New York style / mambo), Colombian salsa, Casino Rueda (cuban style salsa)
  • Won competitions in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Jerusalem and been top 5 in LA's Top Social Dancer Competition and top 3 at the World Latin Dance Cup
  • Social danced THOUSANDS of times while living and training in Oregon, Jerusalem, Tokyo & Los Angeles and traveling to many more countries such as Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and beyond.
"Dirty Dancing" lead actress (Baby) & "Dancing With The Stars" champion, 
Jennifer Grey, and celebrity husband,
 Clark Gregg, learning with Danny
Date Night Salsa Danny Kalman Jennifer Grey
As Seen At
I have no partner though
That's fine! A huge part of the foundational material is practiced solo! You'll see when you start.
Yes, practicing with another person at times will help.

Interesting weird fact: When Danny tells strangers he dances salsa the reaction is almost always the same: "Wow, I've always wanted to learn salsa!"

This program is a GREAT opportunity to offer the gift of learning together and invite somebody to have fun with you.
Ideas of people to ask:
  • Parent 
  • Brother or sister
  • Your child
  • Friend
  • Enemy (who you want to friend again)
  • School mate
  • Coworker  
  • Your manager
  • Your subordinate
  • The pool guy
  •  The girl who works at your favorite restaurant 
  •  Somebody from a salsa club who wants to practice (remember - 90% NEED it bad!)
Dance Chemistry Ultimate Salsa Foundations
I have two left feet though
Perfect. We LOVE students like this.

From the hundreds of students that have worked with Danny personally, he hear's this statement every month. 

The truth is, however, that EVERYBODY CAN LEARN TO DANCE.

Danny has worked with every type of person and GETS it. People are just missing the right support systems and structure, which is why this program was created. Just have faith and stick with the structure.

Unlike a traditional classroom, with this course at home, you can review and repeat the lessons as much as you need and nobody will be watching! Go at YOUR pace. 

You're about to save MASSIVE amounts of time and money to get amazing results.
The Ultimate Salsa Foundations Course
For people learning salsa for the first time
When you’re having euphoric experiences on the dance floor, remember to still smile and dance with the people who haven’t mastered these concepts yet! 
Who this is NOT for. Click away if:
  • You don't want to learn properly 
  • ​You'd rather experiment and try to stumble through it on your own
  • ​You won't take a little time at home to dance with the videos and practice. We'll get you there in the quickest way possible, but OF COURSE you must commit A BIT of time!
Why people dance salsa?
In a survey, these were the most common reasons people dance salsa. Which are true for you?
For everyone it's different...

In a relationship and want to spice things up with a fun activity together
Recently went through a breakup
Want a relationship
Want social outlet
Want to belong
Want to challenge yourself
Want to.lose weight, get exercise or just feel healthy
Want to connect to your latin roots
Just feels good

4x Makes me happy
4x Get over a breakup
4x Have FUN with my partner
Meet new people
5x Out of LOVE for Latin music
4x Introduced by friends
To have a fun, healthy, safe activity
2x To immerse self into Latin culture
As a form of meditation
3x Influenced by movies
To fulfill DREAMS
2x Feels natural
3x Childhood music influences
2x Persuaded by parents
What makes you want to dance with someone
multiple times in a night?
Please check all the boxes where your answer is YES!
x11 Connection/Chemistry 
x2 Enjoyment 
x4 Partner knows a lot of moves 
5x Good lead/follow
x5 Maintains eye contact 
x9 Considerate partner
x6 Loose and fun 
x3 Synchronicity 
Free Drinks
x2 In the moment 
GREAT timing
x2 Does not show off 
x2 Adaptability 
x3 Compatibility 
x4 Positive attitude
x2 Good hygiene 
x5 Musicality
Join Now and Start Dancing!
Price with Danny to learn the Ultimate Foundations through:
$99 / month

$3,200 usd
$1,800 usd
$297 usd
then $94 / month
  •  Core elements program: Over 40 videos divided into 6 sections. One section delivered every 3 weeks.
  •  Time stamps to quickly click and refer back to the key points in each video
  •  Written notes on each lesson for clarity and quick reference
  •  Drills to do with a partner or solo to create muscle memory
  •  Access to learn 24/7, from anywhere, to save you time
$99 / month 
NOBODY is teaching this information online, whether free or paid. Learn the secrets to salsa mastery that 90% of dancers are missing.
Publicity & Testimonials

Ricardo Sanchez

Los Angeles, California
"Danny is an incredible instructor and I can't imagine learning from anyone else. This is my first time taking a dance class and I already feel much more comfortable dancing in a social setting and I can't wait to learn more! If you're on the fence, JUST DO IT! You are going to have a blast and learn an awesome new skill that will serve you for the rest of your life."

Maria Boldfree

Chicago, Illinois
"Danny is by far the best teachers around. He is able to break it down and teach step by step in a fun and motivating manner. Like with anything else, it's one thing to know how to do something, and a whole other skill to teach others. He is an extremely talented teacher!

Their program is well thought out and detailed - so different from other classes. On top of it, he is a beautiful person with an even more beautiful heart. I am very grateful to have found him. I have been wanting to learn how to salsa dance for years and I am finally doing it! Thank you so much."
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Frequently Asked Questions
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Common Questions
Who is Ultimate Salsa Foundation for?
People who want to radically improve their salsa dancing, have more fun with their social dance partners, and even perform, compete or teach. Students and teachers from all over the world use Dance Dojo to improve their salsa.
People who want tried and tested teaching methods and realize that strong fundamentals are the key to excelling. Our online lessons can take you as far as you want to go, giving you the tools, technique and confidence you need to let go, have more fun and express yourself in the moment!
Everything we create builds off of these values, taking you from square one to an advanced understanding of dance and music. It’s going to be a fun ride, that we can promise!
I attend salsa classes in person, how will these lessons help?
Absolutely. There’s nothing like having an arsenal of lessons available to you whenever you want to practice or check to see if your technique is right. The videos you take of your instructors at the end of class often don’t have detailed step-by-step breakdowns, and it’s easy to forget things. These online lessons serve as an excellent supplement and you can watch them anytime.
Can I get support in the learning process?
Yes! We have a private Facebook Group where we encourage everyone to share their progress and ask questions. You can also email us anytime. Our goal is to make your learning experience amazing. We also love your feedback – click here to email us.
Payment and refund
Do I need a credit card to join the course?
No! We use Paypal so your payments can come directly from your PayPal account. Also, some debit cards can function as credit cards and we also accept those.
Do you offer refunds?
We’re extremely confident in our salsa lessons, so we offer a no-risk 30 day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied for any reason just let us know.
Note: refunds can take 5-10 business days for the money to reach you (it’s just how the banking system works).
How do I cancel my membership?
Cancel your salsa membership anytime from your My Account page. Once you cancel, you’ll still have access to your lessons for the period you’ve paid for, but you won’t be charged again for the next period.