The Ultimate Bachata Foundations Program

Comprehensive, structured, bachata foundations starting from the top!

Who It's For:

  • Beginner dancers who want to learn bachata foundations from scratch. If you don't know how to dance at all, don't worry. With this program you will be dancing right away!
  • Experienced dancers who know some bachata but want to clean up their dancing. Get the details that 95% of people on the dance floor are missing!

What's In The Program:

  • Feedback from Danny if you send a video of you dancing!
  • ​​50 Trainings in total
  • ​9 Sections focusing on different aspects of Bachata
  • ​​Breakdowns of each move so you'll know how to execute the steps precisely and use them 
  • Guided, classroom style practice, to do the movements together with Danny
  • Checkpoints at the end of every section (with music) so you can use all your newly acquired skills in one routine
  • Access to learn 24/7, from anywhere, to save you time
  • ​​Section 1: Basic Step Solo/Partner, Ladies'/Guys' Turn
  • Section 2: Cuddles, Walks, Exit from Cuddle
  • Section 3: Loops
  • ​Section 4: Hammerlocks
  • ​Section 5: Close Contact & The Dip
  • ​Section 6: Open Breaks
  • ​Section 7: Footwork: Delay Steps, Shuffle Steps, Dominican Step & More
  • Section 8: Arm Tosses
  • ​Section 9: Breaks and Exits (Facing the Same Direction)

How It Works:

  • Register
  • Complete the trainings in order
  • Go back, review, and practice, practice, practice!
  • Stay as long as you need to get the movements in your muscle memory forever
  • Cancel any time 

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About Your Coach - Danny Kalman

"Dancing With The Stars" champion and "Dirty Dancing" lead actress (Baby) Jennifer Grey, 
and celebrity husband Clark Gregg, 
learning with Danny 👇
Dance Chemistry Danny Kalman Jennifer Grey Dancing With The Stars Salsa Dirty Dancing
  • Taught over 1,000 students 1 on 1 and in small groups as cofounder of one of Los Angeles' most successful bachata (& salsa) academies, Movers & Shakers Dance
  • ​Trusted by celebrities such as Jennifer Grey, Clark Gregg, Ajay Rochester, Susannah Grant, Joe Lewis, and Yara Martinez to teach them dancing.
  • Trusted by Google's LA Headquarters to pioneer their dance programs!
  • Trusted by Equinox Sports Club to pioneer their dance programs!
  • ​Partner to dancers such as 20x World Champion Liz Lira
  • Trained in ballet, hip-hop, jazz, tango, various African dances, afro-cuban rumba, and latin ballroom
  • Performed bachata, salsa on 1 (LA style), salsa on 2 (New York style / mambo), Colombian salsa, Casino Rueda (cuban style salsa)
  • Won competitions in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Jerusalem and been top 5 in LA's Top Social Dancer Competition and top 3 at the World Latin Dance Cup
  • Social danced THOUSANDS of times while  and traveling to many more countries such as the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico, and beyond.
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